HPLIP on Linux says that the plugin did not successfully install

When trying to set up my new printer I ran into an odd problem with hp-setup. It would say:

 Plug-in installation successful. 

Then proceed to say:

error:  The printer you are trying to setup requires a binary driver 
plug-in and it failed to install. Please check your internet
connection and try again. Visit http://hplipopensource.com
for more infomation.

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I decided to run hp-setup in debug mode (hp-setup -g) and found that it was spitting out the following error:

hp-setup[15203]: debug: Either print file is not present or symbolic link is missing: 
/usr/share/hplip/prnt/plugins/hbpl1.so hp-setup[15203]: debug: print Plug-in file /usr/share/hplip/prnt/plugins/hbpl1.so status: -1

I couldn't find that library anywhere on my system, so I decided to just give creating the file manually a try.

$ sudo touch /usr/share/hplip/prnt/plugins/hbpl1.so
$ sudo chmod 777 /usr/share/hplip/prnt/plugins/hbpl1.so

I'm not sure if the chmod is necessary (probably not), but the other libraries were 777 so I did it. Once I did that the hp-setup was happy and I can now print!

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