Courier rejects mail

Courier rejects mail with the following error: MX records for $domain violate section 3.3.9 of RFC 1035 or This domain's DNS violates RFC 1035.

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Cause: Invalid DNS MX Records for that domain Solution: Contact sysadmin for that domain and advise to fix their DNS. A common problem appears to be that an MX record will point to an IP address rather than a domain name (FQDN) as follows: INCORRECT MX RECORD: preference = 20, mail exchanger = CORRECT MX RECORD: preference = 20, mail exchanger = Temporary Solution: Put the offending domain into the esmtproutes file and point it to that domain's mail exchanger host. Doing so bypasses checking the domains MX or A records and mail is sent directly to the relay specified in esmtproutes.

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