Entourage 2004 not working with Exchange 2007

Entourage does not like to work with Exchange 2007 because they changed the way OWA works.

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Configure the following in Entourage:

1. WebDAV has to be enabled on the IIS site where OWA is running

2. Exchange 2007 uses a new method for OWA to connect to the CAS backend server, however it has legacy virtual directories for connecting applications that use the Exchange 2003 methodology. The two folders you need to point your Entourage to are "server.domain.com/exchange" for the mail and "server.domain.com/public" for the public folders.

3. The final piece that you need is to append the user's email address to the mail server address like this: "server.domain.com/exchange/user@domain.com"

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