Compile Errors with MySQL Development Libraries on Windows Vista 64bit

I am writing a c++ server using these tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express RakNet MySQL++

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

MySQL++ depends on mysqlpp. The mysqlpp dll can be built by installing the Microsoft Community Server(I installed the 64 bit windows version), performing a custom install and installing the development files. Open the solution in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and build all. I am attempting to build on Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit. All projects except mysqlpp build fine. Mysqlpp ends up generating 50+ linker errors (I can post these errors later).

Has anyone successfully built the MySQL Community Server on a 64bit version of Windows?

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Credit: Own Experience

The solution is to install the 32 bit community server and not the 64 bit. It is easier to install both versions and then copy the 32 bit development directory to the 64 bit server directory otherwise you have to change a bunch of the MySQL++ install files to the 32 bit server location(c:\program files(x86) instead of c:\program files). Mysqlpp links fine against the 32 bit libraries.

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