Cannot connect ESX host to vSphere Center Server

Getting error messages like:

010-09-10 13:28:26.747 F7021B90 verbose 'App'] [VpxaHalCnxHostagent] Creating temporary connect spec: localhost:443
[2010-09-10 13:30:26.757 F7021B90 error 'App'] [HttpUtil::ExecuteRequest] Error in sending request - Operation timed out
[2010-09-10 13:30:26.757 F7021B90 error 'App'] [VpxaHalCnxHostagent] Failed to discover version: vim.fault.HttpFault
[2010-09-10 13:30:26.757 F7021B90 warning 'App'] [VpxaHalCnxHostagent] Could not resolve version for authenticating to host agent

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Re-scanning the iSCSI virtual HBA and restarting mgmt-vmware fixed the issue:

esxcfg-rescan vmhba32
/etc/init.d/mgmt-vmware restart

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