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Rename an interface without a network or system reboot billysmusic 8 years ago

I need to rename an ethernet interface on a machine after dynamically adding it to the machine.

HPLIP on Linux says that the plugin did not successfully install billysmusic 9 years ago

When trying to set up my new printer I ran into an odd problem with hp-setup. It would say: Plug-in installation successful. Then proceed to say:error: The printer you are tr...

Creating LVM billysmusic 9 years ago

I need to create an LVM manually.

When trying to upgrade ESXi 5 I got an error about altbootbank billysmusic 9 years ago

When trying to upgrade an ESXi 5 host with VMware Update Manager, I got the following error:There was an error checking file system on altbootbank, please see log for detail.

Set auto-start on all VMs in a VMware cluster with PowerCLI billysmusic 10 years ago

I want to be able to set all VMs in a cluster to auto-start when the host starts.

Getting error sh: -t: command not found from a PHP CLI script billysmusic 10 years ago

I am trying to use mail in a PHP script from the CLI but get the error:sh: -t: command not found

Cannot connect ESX host to vSphere Center Server billysmusic 11 years ago

Getting error messages like:010-09-10 13:28:26.747 F7021B90 verbose 'App'] [VpxaHalCnxHostagent] Creating temporary connect spec: localhost:443[2010-09-10 13:30:26.757 F7021B90 ...

Getting "Document not saved." when trying to save an excel sheet billysmusic 11 years ago

When opening an Excel document from a network drive I am getting " Document not saved."

I need to unlock my desktop with the console in KDE 4 billysmusic 11 years ago

I tried killing krunner_lock but it is not there.

Cannot install the vCenter agent billysmusic 12 years ago

When trying to connect/reconnect a host I get that it cannot install the vCenter server agent on the ESX host. The error says " Unknown installer error" . Ssh'ing to t...

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