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Test ksnyder 10 years ago


How do I add users on Ubuntu Server? ksnyder 10 years ago

I need to add a user. Then list the available groups on the system. Then add the user to one of the groups. Then set the password.

How can I customize the Pictures folder screensaver in Ubuntu? ksnyder 13 years ago

I want to use a custom pictures folder (/home/username/Pictures/Photos) and make each picture stay on the screen longer.

$_GET is empty on my ErrorDocument ksnyder 13 years ago

In apache, I am using the following code to route 404s to a custom script. ErrorDocument 404 /http404.php I need to know the query string of the request. So if the user tries to...

Apache: Infinite redirect for custom 404 page ksnyder 13 years ago

I needed a custom 404 page for a specific subdirectory in my document root.I tried several combinations but could not get the page to serve up without an infinite redirect.

404 header in PHP shows blank page in Firefox ksnyder 13 years ago

I'm just trying to test to see if my header 404 is working in PHP and I have this:But when I go to that page, it seems to show a 404 page for IE but a blank page Firefox. Is thi...

Inserting into Oracle BLOB column triggers "ORA-01465: invalid hex number" ksnyder 13 years ago

I was trying to insert a value into a BLOB column. I was using Zend PHP oracle adapter (oci8_* functions) and binding my BLOB value by name.I got the Oracle error " ORA-0146...

Subversion prompts me for my password once or twice per operation ksnyder 13 years ago

I'm using ssh+svn:// to connect to the subversion server. Once or twice per operation I get a prompt to enter my password. I wanted to find a way to have it remember my password...

Can't find large files in Linux ksnyder 13 years ago

When my drive needs a cleanup, I don't know how to find large files. In Windows, there is the advanced search option where you can list files that are larger than a certain size...

My custom session handler (Oracle) causes PHP to seg fault ksnyder 13 years ago

I have an Oracle session handler that triggers a seg fault on every page hit. I am using error_log to see it's progress. With brand new sessions, it is able to read and write be...

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