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Rename an interface without a network or system reboot billysmusic 9 years ago

I need to rename an ethernet interface on a machine after dynamically adding it to the machine.

HPLIP on Linux says that the plugin did not successfully install billysmusic 9 years ago

When trying to set up my new printer I ran into an odd problem with hp-setup. It would say: Plug-in installation successful. Then proceed to say:error: The printer you are tr...

How do I add users on Ubuntu Server? ksnyder 10 years ago

I need to add a user. Then list the available groups on the system. Then add the user to one of the groups. Then set the password.

Creating LVM billysmusic 10 years ago

I need to create an LVM manually.

I need to unlock my desktop with the console in KDE 4 billysmusic 12 years ago

I tried killing krunner_lock but it is not there.

I want to start a Windows service remotely from a bash script billysmusic 12 years ago

I need to start a Windows service from a bash script

I need to sort IP addresses in bash billysmusic 12 years ago

I would like to sort a list of IP addresses in bash.

RedHat 5 getting errors on /var when booting off of iSCSI billysmusic 12 years ago

/var is on a seperate partition than / and both are located on an iSCSI LUN.Getting errors like:cannot touch /var/lib/random-seed: No such file or directory

rpmbuild is failing with extra debug files billysmusic 12 years ago

Getting messages like: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

Whenever I paste into vim it comes out all garbled billysmusic 12 years ago

When pasting into vim the entry does not appear as the source it was copied from. Spacing is usually the biggets problem.

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