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Getting error sh: -t: command not found from a PHP CLI script billysmusic 11 years ago

I am trying to use mail in a PHP script from the CLI but get the error:sh: -t: command not found

Real Time Log Viewer in Javascript pharmakon 13 years ago

I want a real time log viewer, so that logs can be viewed for users that don't necessary have access to the server.

How do I check for any empty field in a form using javascript pharmakon 13 years ago

I want to be able to find an empty field in a dynamically created form.

How can I autopopulate a table dynamically using PHP and Smarty? pharmakon 13 years ago

I want to be able to create a table, setting a variable for the number of columns and using smarty have the table populated via an array.

$_GET is empty on my ErrorDocument ksnyder 13 years ago

In apache, I am using the following code to route 404s to a custom script. ErrorDocument 404 /http404.php I need to know the query string of the request. So if the user tries to...

404 header in PHP shows blank page in Firefox ksnyder 13 years ago

I'm just trying to test to see if my header 404 is working in PHP and I have this:But when I go to that page, it seems to show a 404 page for IE but a blank page Firefox. Is thi...

Inserting into Oracle BLOB column triggers "ORA-01465: invalid hex number" ksnyder 13 years ago

I was trying to insert a value into a BLOB column. I was using Zend PHP oracle adapter (oci8_* functions) and binding my BLOB value by name.I got the Oracle error " ORA-0146...

My custom session handler (Oracle) causes PHP to seg fault ksnyder 13 years ago

I have an Oracle session handler that triggers a seg fault on every page hit. I am using error_log to see it's progress. With brand new sessions, it is able to read and write be...

PHP Oracle functions causing seg fault when using CLOBs ksnyder 13 years ago

I'm trying to use oci_new_descriptor, OCI-Lob-> save(), and oci_commit to insert a string into a CLOB table. Using other OCI-Lob seems to do no better. PHP is exiting unexpect...

Apache error: "Premature end of script headers" ksnyder 14 years ago

My web server gives a 500 error and the error log indicates " Premature end of script headers" . 

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