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Apache seems to be auto-completing file extensions billysmusic 13 years ago

I go to the URL http://mysite/test and it loads the http://mysite/test.php page

$_GET is empty on my ErrorDocument ksnyder 13 years ago

In apache, I am using the following code to route 404s to a custom script. ErrorDocument 404 /http404.php I need to know the query string of the request. So if the user tries to...

Apache: Infinite redirect for custom 404 page ksnyder 13 years ago

I needed a custom 404 page for a specific subdirectory in my document root.I tried several combinations but could not get the page to serve up without an infinite redirect.

404 header in PHP shows blank page in Firefox ksnyder 13 years ago

I'm just trying to test to see if my header 404 is working in PHP and I have this:But when I go to that page, it seems to show a 404 page for IE but a blank page Firefox. Is thi...

I am seeing Internal error: pcfg_openfile() called with NULL filename in apache's logs billysmusic 13 years ago

 After upgrading versions of apache you see “Internal error: pcfg_openfile() called with NULL filename” in the error logs.

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