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Entourage stopped receiving mail randomly billysmusic 12 years ago

Entourage stopped receiving mail, but I can still send e-mail and use the calendar.

Cannot start VirtualBox, getting Unable to create Virtualbox COM object billysmusic 13 years ago

You get the message " Failed to created VirtualBox object. Error code was NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED" when trying to start VirtualBox

A black box appears around everything on my mac billysmusic 13 years ago

There is a black box around everything that is really annoying.

Getting Microsoft Office is already in use on a mac billysmusic 13 years ago

The license for Office on a Mac allows multiple installs, but only one copy to run at a time. If there are multiple running it will detect it and not all you to open the applic...

My MacBook Pro won't boot billysmusic 13 years ago

When my mac boots I just get a blue screen and nothing happens.

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