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Rename an interface without a network or system reboot billysmusic 10 years ago

I need to rename an ethernet interface on a machine after dynamically adding it to the machine.

HPLIP on Linux says that the plugin did not successfully install billysmusic 11 years ago

When trying to set up my new printer I ran into an odd problem with hp-setup. It would say: Plug-in installation successful. Then proceed to say:error: The printer you are tr...

Test ksnyder 11 years ago


How do I add users on Ubuntu Server? ksnyder 11 years ago

I need to add a user. Then list the available groups on the system. Then add the user to one of the groups. Then set the password.

Convert a JSON date string to a javascript date object pharmakon 11 years ago

JSON formats strings in the format \/Date(1336543200000-0600)\/|> which cannot be directly parsed into a javascript date object using new Date

Creating LVM billysmusic 11 years ago

I need to create an LVM manually.

How can I bulk delete stored procedures in MS SQL? pharmakon 11 years ago

I accidentally added several stored procedures to the wrong schema. I'd like to be able to delete them all from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio without having to right c...

How do I programmatically limit the number of rows in MS SQL? pharmakon 11 years ago

I would like to be able to limit the number of rows using a variable. SELECT TOP only allows integer, so SELECT TOP @RowLimit is invalid.

How to print contents of a div, and not the whole window pharmakon 11 years ago

window.print prints the contents of the entire browser window. I want to be able to print the contents of a specific div.

How to self close a jQuery Dialog pharmakon 11 years ago

I need to be able to have a jQuery Dialog self close. I am creating ASP.NET controls, and want the buttons to be on the control itself, not defined when creating the jQuery dia...

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